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Are you the next NSSP Ambassador?
In June of each year, the National Shooting Sports Program of Royal Rangers, in cooperation with Brownells and the National Rifle Association Youth Programs, accepts applications for the position of Brownells/NRA National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador for the following calendar year, representing Royal Rangers at a national level.

This free 12-month adventure offers unparalleled opportunities for 1 qualified Royal Ranger (16-21 years old) to experience a "chance of a lifetime" program that includes attending amazing events, meeting national shooting sports celebrities, as well as radio and television personalities, traveling, experiencing the camaraderie of fellow Ambassadors from other youth shooting programs, and developing career opportunities. NSSP Ambassadors also take up the Ambassador Product Challenge by putting shooting sports products and equipment to the test - in the field and on the range - and writing product reviews. Additional information can be found on the NRA Youth Programs website and the Royal Rangers website.

Applicants must meet the following criteria (see NSSP Ambassador Application  * for bonus considerations):

  • Must be 16-21 years old (on January 1 of year serving as Ambassador), be very comfortable with public speaking, and be able to express himself verbally and in written form. (Ambassadors will be required to communicate effectively in email and to write articles for national publications.)
  • Must be an active member of a local outpost and receive parent(s), leader, and pastoral permission to apply and attend associated functions of the Ambassador Program.
  • Must be an active NSSP participant in a Royal Rangers Outpost and/or actively involved in the NSSP and other Shooting Sports competitions (postal, outpost, section district, etc.).
  • Must submit a 500-word essay on the subject of Royal Rangers National Shooting Sports Program.

To apply, please complete and submit the NSSP Ambassador Application *, along with your 500-word essay, by July 1st.

(* To view or download the application, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. You may need to have the browser open or download the PDF Form directly in Reader or Acrobat. For additional Adobe help click here.)

Representing the National Shooting Sports Program of Royal Rangers - 2018 Ambassador Hunter Wealot

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